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Avoid Inciting Aggressive Driving Behavior

Aggressive driving is an irresponsible driving behavior that is dangerous and threatening to other motorists. Aggressive driving can include disobeying traffic laws and driving in recklessly by running red lights and stop signs or failing to yield, navigating turns too quickly, speeding, and weaving through traffic. Often, aggressive drivers are simply quick-tempered or annoyed by traffic situations or even by the inconsiderate behavior of other drivers.

Unfortunately, this annoyance and resulting bad driving behavior can have serious consequences for others on the road. As aggressive drivers are unlikely to change their behavior, you can avoid inciting aggressive behavior in other drivers by being a responsible motorist and following these precautions:

  • Don’t block the passing lane.
  • If you drive slowly, do not drive in the left-hand “fast” lane.
  • Slow drivers on smaller roads should pull over in a safe area and allow faster-moving traffic to pass.
  • Don’t block lanes designated for right turns.
  • Don’t tailgate other drivers.
  • Never stop in the road to talk to others or to load or unload.
  • Always pull completely off the road to allow someone out of your vehicle.
  • Park correctly, using only one parking space.
  • Do not make eye contact with aggressive drivers.
  • Ignore rude gestures and comments.

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