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Understanding Tire Pressure

If tires fall into disrepair, they can be the cause of or can amplify the effects of accidents. Most drivers have heard that they are supposed to keep their tires properly inflated to keep their vehicles safe on the road. However, many drivers might not understand why properly-inflated tires are important.

The air pressure of tires affects the size of the load the vehicle can safely carry and its overall efficiency. Tire pressure is measured in psi, or pounds per square inch. All vehicles have a designated recommended tire pressure which is based on the size of the tires and on the highest weight a vehicle can hold. The recommended pressure is listed in the owner’s manual by the car manufacturer. This number is usually not the same number that is found on the side of the tire.

Tires are designed to withstand a maximum amount of pressure, listed on the side of the tire. Since tires can be used for more than one type of vehicle, vehicle manufacturers in turn list the recommended pressure for their particular vehicle type.

There are problems associated with both tire overinflation and underinflation.

  • Overinflated tires are stiff, and thus are more likely to suffer from punctures. They also offer less contact with the road than properly inflated tires, which can increase the risk of skidding and can lead the driver to lose control of the vehicle.
  • Underinflated tires have more contact than the road and thus affect a vehicle’s performance and fuel efficiency. With this additional contact, tires are subject to increased pressure over time and may suddenly blowout or deflate, causing a loss of control and an accident.

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