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What to Do in a Tire Blowout

A blowout happens when you have a flat suddenly in the middle of driving. This can occur from a combination of reasons, usually because a tire is under-inflated and then is penetrated by a sharp object. If you ever have a blowout on the highway, there are certain steps you can take to keep yourself safe and prevent an accident.

If a tire blows out, you need to keep the vehicle as balanced and in-control as possible. Therefore the most important things to remember are:

  • Do not hit your brakes.
  • Do not quickly remove your foot from the gas.

Although both these actions are instinctual, they are actually the two worst actions you can take in this situation. Either will contribute to a greater imbalance among your tires and can lead to a loss of control. In the case of a blowout, you should:

  • Slowly take your foot off the gas pedal.
  • Steer in the direction you want your vehicle to go, attempting to regain control and stability.
  • Continue to slow down after your vehicle is stable again. Pull off the road in a safe location when you are able to.

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